Baseball Skills & Instruction

Cut-Offs and Relays

Baseball is not just about hitting and pitching. One very important of the game is team defense. Knowing where to throw the ball, when to throw the ball, where to position yourself and where to back up. Teams that can do this without having to react, but by knowing in advance, will be a lot more successful in stopping runners advancing and scoring unnecessarily.

1 – Single to RF, Bases Empty

2 – Single to LF, Bases Empty

3 – Single to RF, Runner on 1st

4 – Single to LF, Runner on 1st

5 – Single to RF, Runner on 2nd

6 – Single to LF, Runner on 2nd

7 – Double to RF, Bases Empty

8 – Double to LF, Bases Empty

9 – Double to RF, Runner on 1st

10 – Double to LF, Runner on 1st

Designed by Martin Reed


  • Mavericks update: Nick & Adam add runs, but run out of time as Richmond take the win 17-3.,
  • Maverick's live update: Richmond add runs & lead 9-1. James ( calf injury)replaced on the mound by Lewis.,
  • Mavericks live update: Richmond with 2 runs, mid 3rd. James with several K's.,
  • Mavericks live feed: Byron with the only run, end of 1st inning. 1-0,
  • Game 2, Mavericks host Richmond in the 3rd home game of the day at Christ's college: Batting line up: ,