In the early days….

Cameras were not quite as common as the ubiquitous smartphone camera is these days, when the club first started out in 1992, but there were none the less many photos captured at the time. Some by the players and many of the quality ones by local photographer and Mavericks pitcher, Steve Porter.

Junior Baseball in 1993

The club started a junior baseball group in 1993. Run by Richard Williams, Keith Brown and Gary Perrin, they used what is now the front field at Bishop Reindorp, as some of these images illustrate. Although the school has since been rebuilt, the ski slope can still be spotted in one of the photos. Also included are some adult games from the early days, although. Opposition is probably Croydon or Waltham Abbey (anyone confirm?)

Designed by Martin Reed


  • Mavericks update: Nick & Adam add runs, but run out of time as Richmond take the win 17-3.,
  • Maverick's live update: Richmond add runs & lead 9-1. James ( calf injury)replaced on the mound by Lewis.,
  • Mavericks live update: Richmond with 2 runs, mid 3rd. James with several K's.,
  • Mavericks live feed: Byron with the only run, end of 1st inning. 1-0,
  • Game 2, Mavericks host Richmond in the 3rd home game of the day at Christ's college: Batting line up: ,