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The club are actively involved in both promoting the club and the games of baseball/softball, as well as generating funds to support this growth. As such we offer the following services, which are delivered by club coaches and other volunteers.

School Taster sessions

  • Aim to give participants a chance to try the sports via a game of softball
  • Approx an hour in length (ideal for school PE or other session)
  • Ideal participants are Primary schools and years 7 and 8, but any can be considered
  • Normally outdoors, but could hold indoors with the right space
  • All eqpt provided
  • 1 coach and 1 helper per ~25 students
  • Cost: Free of charge (within reason)

Softball Events

  • Approx 2 hours in durartion
  • Organised for 2 teams of approx 10 a side
  • All eqpt provided
  • 2 coaches and an umpire will run the session and assist the teams
  • No previous experience needed
  • Could be arranged along with food (e.g. BBQ)
  • Any open space approx half the size of a football field
  • Cost: £180 (food is additional to this)


  • For individuals or small groups
  • Any aspects of the game, either as a one off or series of sessions
  • Cost: £40 per hour plus coach travel costs

Other Services

  • We can cover a range of other organised events that want to involve Baseball / Softball
  • Approx 1 coach per 15 participarnts
  • Kit and Eqpt can be provided
  • Cost: £30 per coach per hour

If you are interested in any of these, please contact the club here

Or via out Facebook, Twitter and Instagram sites

Whilst we are keen to do as many of these activities as possible to more people playing the games of baseball and softball, please bear in mind, the club is an amateur organisation and thus avaialblity is dependent upon working schedules. However, we are always happy to discuss any requirement and we try to accomodate as many as possible, so please get in touch.

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