Building a Diamond – Summary


The diamond at Kings College is now ready for play (as of Spring 2023), with the Opening Day set for April 23rd.

As we progress though the season, we will provide further updates on any issues with the diamond, and additional lessons we learn, that could be incorporated in a build that anyone else does.

We also intend to add further content that detials the build of the mound and home plate areas in particular, as well as anything that that may be useful.

The image on this page, is an aerial view, taken in Feb 2023, whilst the football pitches are still marked out, but gives an view of what the field (with tarps in place), looks like).

If anyone reading this would like to have further discussion on any of the topics contained, we would love to hear from you, and would be more than happy to help anyone looking to build a new diamond for themselves. Just email us here


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