Michael Burdett

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The clubs General Manager, as well as founder member of the club, with over 25 years experience of the game in this country up to BBF-AAA level. Qualified as a coach at BSUK Level 2, Safeguarding Children and a First Aider. Michael has been involved with all junior sections that the club has run in the past, and is now committed to providing opportunities for more children to play the game, in order to grow the club from within. As a result of this, the club has started to see the fruits of these labours as over the last couple of seasons, players have begun to graduate from the junior programme, into the adult programme and with the coaching they have recived, are proving to be more than just competant that this level.

Richard Williams

Richard was part of the group of friends that started the Guildford Mavericks back in 1992. He played for a number of years early in the club’s history, but more importantly, was the first person to kick off a junior programme at the club. After several year away, with a young family, he returnd in 2011 as part of the Broadwater Bobcats, that eventually become Guildford Junior Programme that we know today.  Richard’s enthusiasm and skills in getting children engaged in sports, is what has driven the programme forward and has even been know to don the odd Mascots outfit at special events, although please don’t mention the tail of the Bobcat!

Brian Kendal

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Another founder member of the club, BK, as he is known to all, is a BSUK Level 1 certified Assistant Coach, and brings over 30 years of British Baseball experience, with Gillingham, Wokingham and Guildford. The archetypical Designated Hitter, he is as passionate as anyone about the future of the game and the development of the club, and can’t spend enough time helping the children learn the game, and get as much fun out of playing it as has. He is also a Dodgers fan, but we don’t believe that is too much of a hindrance to his coaching!

Chris Ward

Chris Ward

The clubs current Head Coach, Chris joined Guildford in 2011 having been an Assistant Coach with Bracknell since 2009. Chris shares his time coaching both adults and juniors at Guildford as well as assisting with the GB U12 programme. He holds BSUK certifications in coaching and has assisted at the BSUK Open Academy both locally and nationally. He is committed to helping players reach their full potential, and commits a lot of time working with players one on one, both at the field and via video sessions. On the field, Chris is a middle infielder, and has been know to chance his arm on the mound from time to time

Laura Bailes

laura bailes

Started playing baseball again after a gap since her US college days, playing fastpitch softball. Laura brings both experience and enthusiasm to the club, in a mulitude of roles, and is an exceptional role model, for girls and women looking to get into the sport. On the field, she is another middle infielder and bring a left handed bat to the line up, that is very good at putting the ball in play. 


David Jones “The Doc”

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Has been with the club for 10 years now, and is the current Child Protection Officer and administrator and enforcer of all junior related certifications for coaches. Originally from San Francisco, David is BSUK Level 1 certified, and also a credited First Aider and with Safeguarding Children certification. Has a passion for not only teaching children the game, but also making sure they play it the right way, and of course (being a qualified umpire) observe the rules!


All our Youth Coaches who interact with the children are DBS certified and these records are maintained and kept up to date by the Child Protection and Safety Officer.

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