2017 Awards Night

Guildford Baseball & Softball Club, held it’s annual awards baseball cupcakes_5641night at the Mandalay Hotel in Guildford on Saturday. For the first time ever the event included the whole club with bothminors 2017_5672 juniors and adult teams in attendance. Nearly 100 players, family and friends packed the venue which has had to move this year to a hotel to accommodate the numbers.

The room was decked out in club colours, with images from the season playing on the big screens, and an array of other baseball themed decorations, all organised by Lou and Laura who had done a fabulous job turning this into an event to remember. There were even hand made cakes and biscuits (thanks Lou and Nikki), that followed the hot buffet.phill and chris_5756

So after a few speeches, awards we handed out to players on all teams,  Hopefully everyone enjoyed the evening, and it was a great way to round off the season

2017 Awards Winners:

Minors (U-11)
Defensive Player of the Year: Ben Prangley
Offensive Player of the Year: Ken Riccardo
Coaches Award: Lleyton Reeve

Majors (U-13)
Defensive Player of the Year: Jack Burdett
Offensive Player of the Year: Aiden Parker
Coaches Award: Brad Manwaring

Gold Cats
Defensive Player of the Year: Tom Sullivanawards venue_5781
Offensive Player of the Year: Danny Gosling
Most Improved Player: Ollie Morris
MVP: Richard King

Defensive Player of the Year: Laura Bailes
Offensive Player of the Year: Matt Friend
Most Improved Player: Dan Reeve
MVP: Tetsuro Shinkawa

Defensive Player of the Year: Byron Thorn
Offensive Player of the Year: James Molloy
Most Improved Player: Nick Van Goeverden
Players Player: Michael Garner
MVP: Dave Ferguson

Rookie of the Year: Jasper Neary
Club Star: Rachel Morris
Coach of the Year: Ben Stobart

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