Guildford Mavericks Batting Cage Trip

The Guildford Mavericks were excited this week to be invited to spend time in the baseball batting cages at Northwick Park in London. We hope that photos of the Mavericks will be used in the promotion of this excellent facility in at Playgolf London in on Watford Road, Harrow.

We spent 2 hours in the cages and the guys tried all the different speeds (slow, medium and fast) though towards the end there we were all desperate to spend time in the fast cage.

Paul and BK BattingChris & Dave Hitting19aPaul ready to hit11a

We all had a great night working on our batting and then went to the Blue Zenzer Restaurant where we had some excellent food to finish off an awesome evening entertainment.

Our advice for any baseball and softball teams is to get yourself down to the cages as they are superb for batting training. If you aren’t and just fancy a day out or want an activity for a stag night or party this is a great venue.

You will see us at Northwick Park again in early 2014 as we prepare to start the season.



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