Washout at Grovehill

wet baseballThe second weekend of the Herts Spring League was a washout for the Mavericks, with the game only lasting into the top of the 2nd inning, as heavy rains and winds, along with a treacherous home plate area, meant it was not going to be feasible to get any more baseball in.

Despite the best efforts of the Herts baseball club to get the game started, and the Guildford and Bracknell teams to battle through one inning, the weather was the winner on the day. The Mavericks managed to put 3 on the board in the bottom of the first, including hits from Chris Lary and Chris Ward, and Ryan Hicks had preceded it with a shutout top half of the inning, including a double play, but it was the conditions that were proving decisive on almost every play.

So Guildford go into Opening Day in a couple of weeks time, with just the one full game under their belts. but over a long season, hopefully it won’t have to many adverse effects, and with a bit of luck, the weather will also be kinder!

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