It’s Miller(s) Time!

Forest Glade Redbacks 15 -16 Guildford Millers
at Christ’s College, 1st May 2016

Guildford’s other team for the Single-A season took centre stage on Sunday hoping to rival the Mavericks and also take home their opening day win. Tetsuro Shinkawa started on the mound and quickly had his curve ball fooling the Essex batters. Three rookies started for the Millers and everyone worked as a team to put the winter practicing into work which showed by turning a couple of double-plays as well as getting some good hits off the Redbacks pitcher. Tim Bawden showed that he could hit live pitching by blasting a RBI stand-up double into left field and added to his hits later in the game.

Shinkawa worked a solid six innings allowing only five runs before handing over to Matt Friend to pitch an inning. At the end of the seventh it was poised at 11 runs apiece. Adam Gould came on to pitch in the eighth and with his slider and fastball working well he held the Redbacks back to keep them scoreless. Guildford responded with three runs of their own by plating Will Frawley, Gould and Richard King (on to replace Jamie Hanley). Top of the ninth and all that Guildford had to do was limit the Redbacks to two runs or less to take the win. Forest Glade took matters into their own hands by staging a great two-out rally to plate four runners and to take the advantage. Now it was Guildford’s turn to claw it back.

Friend walked. Rachel Morris, in for Laura Bailes got her first hit in her first at-bat for the club taking the ball over the first baseman’s head. A balk was called on the pitcher allowing the tying run to score and the winning run to reach second. Things were looking promising. However, Frawley and Gould both hit major league pop-ups to the pitcher to record two quick outs and send the advantage back to the Redbacks. Up stepped King. Unfazed by the situation he hit the ball into shallow left field which gave enough time for Morris to score from second base and the Millers to take the win.


Tetsuro Shinkawa       P
Jamie Hanley  3B
Christian Schmidt       LF
Dave Austin    1B
Ben Stobart     C
Tim Bawden   RF
Matt Friend     SS
Laura Bailes    2B
Will Frawley CF

Bench: Rachel Morris, James Leach, Lewis Bawden, Adam Gould, Richard King

Scorer: James Leach


  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Total
Redbacks 1 3 0 1 0 0 6 0 4 15
Millers 1 0 1 4 2 1 2 3 2 16

Words by Ben Stobart

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