Indoor Softball 2018

Think you want to give Softball a go but can wait until Summer? in play_3773

Want to get active for the New Year?

Just want to meet new people and have fun?

Well now you can! Come and give Indoor Softball a try! It fast. It’s energetic. It’s great fun! And you don’t need to have played the game before or even know the rules.

Based around the principles of slow-pitch softball, it is played indoors in a basketball sized area, and lasts for exactly one hour. Innings are 4 mins per side, and have unlimited outs…..yes – you can get out as many times as you want and still keep getting to bat!!

batting_3826Guildford Baseball & Softball Club will be running indoor sessions on a Wednesday evening from 6-7pm at Broadwater School Sports Centre through Jan and February (and possibly March as well). Cost is only £4 per person per session. All eqpt is provided, as is instruction on the rules of the game and how to play (although it’s very straight forward and you will pick it up as you go). It is open to anyone 15 and up (so why not bring you children…or your parents!)

If you are interested, please contact the club for more details

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