British Baseball 50 club

No, it’s not something set up for some of the Mavericks coaches to becomes members of….we’re not there yet!

The British Baseball 50 club, is a new fundraising effort on behalf of the BBF to raise funds for the GB national teams. The idea being that each member club, pays an additional £50 donation in order to support the costs for the National teams.

Although supporting baseball at any level is a very noble idea, all member clubs already pay an excessive membership, which, especially at the grass roots of the game, get very little in return for. Similarly, the players who are contributing to these funds are expected to pay for themselves already.

When clubs such as ourselves are struggling to get facilities locally to support grass roots baseball, then the thought of international baseball is a long, long way off. On the basis, we have to commit all time and energy to finding and funding a local facility, just to ensure the continuation of the club, then this initiative is not something that we are able to support.

However, should any individual wish to do so, then the club has no issue with that.

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