New Game Ball for 2015

For the 2015 season the Baden 3B Perfection from Ransome Sporting Goods will replace the previous Rawlings ROLB1 ball, as a result of an agreement between the BBF/BSF and BSUK that will cover a 3 year period until 2017.


In theory, all currently held stock, that teams have of the ROLB1, can now only be used for practice purposes. Of course, for clubs such as ourselves, with approx. 10 dozen balls still in stock, this provides a major issue, as we don’t have the resources to write off such a large amount, but similarly don’t want to incur penalties for non-use. Unforeseen issues with our ground last season, had prevented the club using up anywhere as near as many balls as predicted.


Although no price has been confirmed for this ball, it will presumably be along the lines of previous ball deals, which usually work out at approx. £36+ per dozen plus shipping. This is no real saving over what can be purchased on the open market, so does not offer a saving to clubs, although hopefully the usual stock issues are not encountered by the new supplier.


Of course, if you home ground is at Southampton, Richmond, or a couple of others we can think of, then getting through new balls, may not be the issue it is for some clubs! That said, some of the balls at Christ’s College may actually drown, early in the season!

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