Goodbye in 2014

The end of the 2014 season, saw 3 Mavericks depart the club.

Carlos Garcia

Carlos on 2B

After 3 years with the Mavericks, Carlos returns to his native Spain, following a re-assignment in his Air Force role. A dependable second baseman and solid hitter, he will be missed not just for his knowledge of the game and the quality he added to the Mavericks line up, but especially as a teammate. Always one to offer advice to help those new to the game of baseball, and also those more experienced, Carlos was great to have around, and the team always played better with him in the line-up.

Patrick Matias


The clubs steller defensive player for the last few years, Patrick was inspirational with his defense, whether it be his pitching from the mound; plays behind the plate, or his agility in the middle infield. Winner of the 2014 defensive player of the year, he will also take away with him, a great knowledge of the game. Tactically very astute, all who managed teams with him in the lineup, always appreciated, the advice the Patrick had to offer.

Heather Armstead


Not actually leaving the club, but retiring from playing, Heather was always a great fighter to have on the diamond with you. Nothing got past her as a catcher, and she blocked the plate with the best of them – many a base runner deciding to duck out of a full-bodied collision. Although usually finding a slot in the lower half of the order, her bat nevertheless found gaps in the field more often than not.


They will all be sorely missed, and as with all ex-Maverick players, will hopefully stay in touch, and maybe even venture out for the odd Veterans game.

Thanks for your contribution to the club!


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